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My Background

I am a reference & instruction librarian, with significant experience in program coordination, assessment, staff oversight, project management, outreach, and publications. I am a generalist at heart, with deeper subject specialization in the performing and visual arts, education, the social sciences, and the humanities.

I have worked at Yeshiva University Libraries since 2012, where I have taken on increasing–and increasingly diverse–responsibilities, earning a promotion to the position of Librarian for Public Services and User Experience in January of 2015. I assess the quality of user experience and direct development, implementation, and evaluation of related initiatives; maintain overall responsibility for the Electronic Reserve Service; oversee the Information Literacy Program; assist students, faculty and others in the effective use of information resources; and create print and online instructional materials for specific disciplines, research methods, and courses. As part of the library management team, I share supervisory, administrative and management responsibilities for the libraries.

During nearly eleven years at the library of Lincoln Center Institute (LCI), I rose to the level of Assistant Director, taking on a wide range of responsibilities. In this special library setting, I was able to apply the academic skills and knowledge fostered during my PhD study in the arts and humanities, develop a deep understanding of inquiry-based instruction, and gain experience in all areas of library operations.

Please see my CV for more information (pdf).


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